The Evil Overlord is the Avatar of the Forum Users. He has an unknown date of birth and an unknown appearance. His name is Incognito [Ink], and his favourite passtime is watching his Dark Advisors work in his place.

He is a Male, Moderately Evil but with Standards.

His SpecialtiesEdit

The Overlord is a steam-punk Technological Advanced individual, whose brain smarts landed him in the charge of New Overlord. He has a strict policy of acquiring only Monsters or Monstrous Creatures, rather than Humans.

Being Pure Control gives you a +2 on the 'scale' of Control-related stuff, but a -1 on the Destruction Scale. So while you have high chance of getting bad 'Destruction-related stuff' you have a high chance of getting 'good Control Related stuff'.

His MinionsEdit

His mighty 'Evil Army' is composed of Behemoth Catfishes, Cog Minions, Flesh-Cogs, Hydraulic Succubus, and at the moment, his three trusted Dark Advisors.

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