The Heroes. The 'Big Good Guys'. 

Hero Type[edit | edit source]

Heroes come in various forms and types.

Brave Hero.

Stupid Hero.

Magical Girl Hero.

Non-Human Hero.

Heroic Hero

THE Hero

List of Heroes Known/Killed[edit | edit source]

The Five Stars: Crimson. Pink. Mauve. Magenta. CeruleanMagical Girl Group-Heroes.

Three of them are in the Asylum. One has been killed by the Overlord. The last one has been adopted by the Overlord.

Twinkle Fairy. Magical Girl Hero.

Killed by Psysquid during the mission 'SCIENTIFIC CARNAGE'. Responsible for the murder of Isabella.

Boxer-Man. Stupid Hero.

Defeated by Lord Gamington. Killed by Cerulean. 

Green Hippies. Stupid Group-Heroes.

Defeated by Lord Gamington. One fled, the five others died.

Knighthowl. Heroic Hero.

Seen in the Asylum. Avoided. Then attacked the lair. Defeated by Overlord. Currently resting in the Evil Lair.

The Mighty Twenty-Eight. Stupid Group-Heroes

Fought during the "Distraction Carnage" by Gamington. Defeated by Gamington.

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