The Good side, the Do-Wellers, the Guys who are on the side of the Light.

They have a variety of abilities and ranks, just like the evil guys. But they're good...because Good always wins the day!

The CiviliansEdit

Civilians are naturally Good! No Civilian is born evil. Doesn't mean he can't become one however. Civilians are never counted in the equation of bonuses and maluses. They simply are. 

Security GuardsEdit

If there was a Low-level Nameless Good Guy, it would be the Security Guard. Said individual has a flashlight, a baton, and is generally not a problem for even a single Cog-Minion. 

They're like...walking flesh sacs.

Police ForceEdit

The Police has a Buddy System in place. They have Guns. They have Cars. They can React to the Evil. 

They are also on equal footing with the Mooks. 

Special ForcesEdit

The Special Forces are the Dark Minions of the Good Guys.

The HeroesEdit

Horrifying forces of Good! See their specific section for more details.

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