The Evil Side. The Side of all those things that aren't completely Fluffy, but neither are they completely Ugly. Evil has its own niceties and perks, like Medical Insurance for one thing.

The Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monsters are creatures who cannot distinguish between the words 'do no damage' and 'tear a hole in the city and the space-time continuum'.

They can only do Destruction Missions, but on those they are extremely effective.

The Behemoth Catfish and the Squidconda belong here.

Gorloceros:+3 Destruction.

Woar:+2 Destruction

Liondor: 0.50 Control. +3 to roll if dies in battle.

Aliwhale:+3(IF Water Setting)

Bearphant: +2 Destruction

The Mooks[edit | edit source]

The adorable Cog-Minions belong to this category.

The Flesh-Cogs: Unknown.

The Guardogs: 0.25 Destruction in attack. 0.50 Destruction in Defense..  

The Wuffle-Cogs: 0.50 Destruction. 0 Control.

The Hammer-Cogs: +1 Destruction.

The Assault-Cogs: 1.50 Atk/ 0.25 Def

Machinegun Guardog: 0.25 Des attack, 0.50 Des defense minimum (probably) -real skills unknown. 

Beastman: 0.50 Destruction 

Dark Minions[edit | edit source]

One step above the Mooks, one step below the Dark Advisors, these creatures are generally armed with Special Abilities that makes having one of them available for missions always a good idea.

The Hydraulic Succubus is a Dark Minion.

The Steel Piggybank is a Dark Minion.



IT: 0.25 Control. 0.75 Destruction.

Blorble: +6 Destruction after One round. Dies afterwards.

The Hunter of the Wilds: +1.5 Destruction. +0 Control. +1.0 Bonus on Destruction if Attacking Living People.

Elephant Wraith: 1.75 Destruction

Luxurious Succubus: 0 Destruction. +1 Control. +2 Bonus on Rich stuff.

Axe Wielding Figurehead: +2 Destruction Bonus (Axe) +0.05X Number of Troops, Bonus in N°5 Implements (0.25 for five, 0.50 for ten, 0.75 fifteen, 1 twenty and so on. Approximate to closest number)

The Dark Knight.

Luxury Succubus.

Cowboy Succubus.

Dark Advisors-And their Side-Kicks[edit | edit source]

Dark Advisors are just one step down from being an Overlord, and one step up the Dark Minion. There can only be one Dark Advisor going on a mission, and they have their own set of Abilities and Special Qualities that makes them fearsome indeed as your Right Hand, Left Hand, or generally a Limb in particular.

Psysquid (Mixed Advisor)

Chemista (Control Advisor) Sidekick: Cerulean.

Lord Gamington (Destruction Advisor)

The Evil Overlord[edit | edit source]

The Avatar of the Forum Users, his plan is of World Domination, World Destruction or A Mix of Them Both. Really, once he gets those pesky heroes out of the way that is.

Incognito [Ink]

Praetorian Cog (Side-Kick)

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