The Dark Advisors are, as the name implies, Dark Advisors. They are the counterpart of Heroes, just like the Overlord is the counterpart of THE Hero.

What does a Dark Advisor do?Edit

A Dark Advisor leads troops into missions when the Overlord doesn't want to, or when he's busy elsewhere. They are either Control-only, Destruction-only or Mixed. They have bonuses for various things, so it is best to use them in what they can do better and give them a team that balances out what they cannot do.

Dark Advisors and You.Edit

Dark Advisors are the only ones who can stage a Coup and take over, albeit that happens rarely and only if you're being a really horrible Overlord.

As said above, Dark Advisors are the only one who possess the Misconduct gauge. It is a secret value which fills overtime depending on the level of 'injustice' the Dark Advisors believes to be suffering from, and lowers whenever something is done to make the Dark Advisor feel special. Sometimes two favors might be in contrast, in which case the Overlord can choose a side (boosting one and losing the other) or neither (Losing a little bit from both, unless he comes up with a solution for both favors which is satisfactory, in which case he earns a bonus to both, and might even stop the two sides from bickering further for a while)

Past, Current Dark AdvisorsEdit


Lord Gamington.


Evolving Side-Kicks in Dark AdvisorsEdit

It can happen that a Side-Kick asks to be promoted. The choice is yours. On one side, you get one more possible 'leader' to choose from when having a mission to take on (And every Dark Advisor has his/hers own perks) on the other hand it's one less Side-Kick that grants bonus to the already existing Dark Advisors.

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