Bonuses give Bonus values, Maluses give Malus values. Below they are stated depending on their type.

General Bonus And MalusEdit

This Bonuses apply to General situations, and are thus also 'Situational'. Things like having a Gun, or being on a Fighter-Jet. Or just generally having Scraps around you to increase damage...

Gun: +0.5 (If buddy systems fails, this goes up to +1 for -The Gun is my Trusted Friend)

Hydraulics: +2 to any mission involving engines, steam, metallic things that work somewhat.

Size-Behemoth: +2

Chemist: +1 on Chemistry-Mutagen related checks.

It's not the time!: +1 on a save against corruption, if the situation warrants it. (Death of a Buddy, Bad situation, and so on)

Utterly Broken: -8 on everything.

Home Advantage: +1 in general.

Destruction Only Bonus and MalusEdit

These usual appear in battles.

Buddy System: +0.5 for a buddy. Becomes negative if the Buddy dies.

Naturally Psychic: +2 on Psychic attacks done.

Control Only Bonus and MalusEdit

Pure Control Overlord: +2 on Control Checks. Be it Corruption or Mission Success.

Nameless Grunt: -2 on Corruption save, if action done by Overlord.

Mixed Bonus and MalusEdit

Being a Mook Sucks: +0.25 To Both D&C.

Ex-Overlordess: +1 and +1 on mixed Checks

Dark Advisor, mixed: +0.5 and +0.5

Incognito, Tinkerer of Cogs: +2 on Cogs related stuff.

Side-Kick Bonus: +1 as long as it related to being a side-kick

Racial Bonus and MalusEdit

Goo-Girl: -1 where electricity is involved.

Aquatic: +1 in Water, -2 On land.

Thrill for the Hunt: +1 on Destruction missions when dealing against living targets.

Succubus: +2 on Corruption check. +1 if he is a male, -1 if he isn't.

Static: Ever been the Big Fish in the small Pond? Static doesn't mean just immobile though, it means that it cannot leave the Lair-area and its surrounding. 

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