Special Abilities are powerful One-Shot moves generally useable only once during a battle. They give large bonus, but have restriction for being used sometimes, and other times they can only be used after something else happens. 

Dark Minion AbilitiesEdit


Corrupting the Honest Turns Me On: +6 once on a Police Force Human. 

Steel Piggybank:


I am an instrument of Death And Destruction: +4 on Destruction rolls. -2 on Control rolls.


Peace shall be achieved through Fusion: +1 on Destruction

Dark Advisor AbilitiesEdit


Prescience (Passive): may sense what a mission's rank and difficulty is about before it is taken. May fail.

Psychic Unlimited Scrap Works: +6 on one attack only. 'Opening' move. 

Psysquid will make it quick: 0.5 in Fusioning Living and Mechanical.

Lord Gamington:

Dance the Damage Away (Passive): May activate only once. It will nullify -6 points of damage for a single round. Afterwards, may Good have mercy.

The Lance of Cain is the Cane of Doom?: +6 on Destruction attack, first round only.


I was an Overlordess in my Youth (Passive): +2 on Control Sucess Mission

Working with Home Dna: Mutating Human in Goo-girl has a +1 chance of success.

Overlord AbilitiesEdit

The Dark of the Night: Avoids reaction rolls from enemies on the first turn if Zeppelin is used.

Incognito, Tinkerer of Cogs: +2 in Fusioning Living and Mechanical.

Good Guys AbilitiesEdit

Magical Heroes:

Defenders of Goodness, Nicety and Money (passive): +2 on Success on Reaction roll for Evil Attacks. 

Magical Girl Blast!: +6 on first attack. 

Magical Girl Combo: +X where X is the number of Magical Girls that form the 'Hero-Group'. If one of them falls, the number becomes negative. If more than half fall, they all become Utterly Broken.

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