The SAD system. 

Summon A Dark.

To call forth Dark Minions, this system is highly effective. What you get however...might be not what you want.  

Stuff and its values[edit | edit source]

There are Three Types of Value.

Material, Historical and Personal. 

Material, which is the Wealth of the object sacrificed.

Historical, which is the History of the object, how old it is, for how long it worked..

And then there is Personal.

So, for example, Sacrificing your teddy bear you had since youth might give you a far stronger monster than sacrificing a supermarket bought teddy.

Plus, the Sacrifice feature isn't stupid. Befriending a 'lonely orphanage boy' all with the intent of later sacrificing him will not yield as much as Genuinely befriending him and then sacrificing him through tears because you just need that little extra push in your next mission.

You can sacrifice people, objects, animals...anything you can reasonably declare to 'possess'. If sentient, then you just need to Shackle it to an altar and hope he doesn't break free.

Even Sentient and Corrupted beings under your command WILL try to escape from the Altar.

Sacrifice Recipes Known[edit | edit source]

  • The Recipes are Generic. Any 'Skeleton+Magical Crystal' will give Undead, but of course an Undead Dragon is different from an Undead Lich and Wraith.

Female Blood: Succubus.
Wrench with Wench Blood: Hydraulic Succubus.

A Bunch of Cash: Steel Piggybank.

Scraps with a Cat and a Dog: Metallic Chimera.

Catfish Bones with Magic Cristals: Skeletal Catfish.

Skeleton with Magical Crystals: Undead Creature.

Advanced Skeleton with Magical Crystals: Wraith.

Skeleton with Magical Crystals and Metals: Mechanized Undead Creature.

Overlord Blood with Cerulean personal belongings: SilGoo.

Pickaxe + Precious Metals + Regular Gems + Magic cristals + Rich Guy's corpse + Cat + Rhesus macaque + Racoon + Booze + Metal Spikes + Beard + "Store Item in Stockpile" note = IT

Human Corpses + dead Cogs + Magic Cristals = Blorble.

Camera + Magical Cristal + Microphone + Recording Tape = Camerathing.

Wrench + Wench Blood + Luxurious items = Luxury Succubus.

Wench Blood + Battleaxe + Loincloth + Horned Helmet + Longboat Model = Figurehead.

Binding[edit | edit source]

1(Repeated Summoning)

1(Dark Rosario)

2(My Blood is your Blood)

2(Flesh of the Daughter)

1(Corpse of the Faithful)

1(Clothes of the Deceased)

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