Psysquid is a Dark Advisor, and the successfull mutation of a Squid Mutagen with the Human Security Guard Bob. He loves it when people talk harshly to him. 

Psysquid is a rather quirky advisor, but a darker purpose is under his squid-skin. One wonders how many seemingly harmless quirks are true and how many are constructed.

He likes to dress as an old sailor. He also seems infatuated with Chemista, and older women in general, but can not seemingly admit him.

Past History[edit | edit source]

He was a security guard named Bob. His past beyond that has not been explored.


Abilities[edit | edit source]

Dark Advisor: + 0.5 to both Control and Destruction

Naturally Psychic: +2 on attack rolls, with Psychic attacks.

Prescience (Passive): may sense what a mission's rank and difficulty is about before it is taken. May fail.

Psychic Unlimited Scrap Works: +6 on one attack only. 'Opening' move.

Hydro Punch: Can only be used once every 'other' turn since a last ability has been used. (Hence Turn Three of attack) +4 on attack roll.

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