There are Three Types of Missions available for Overlords. These are Destruction, Control and Mixed.


Destruction missions are generally used to harvest basic materials. Money, luxurious items, minerals...they all are acquired through these type of mission.

Killing People, rampaging in town, destroying infrastructures, these too are Destruction Missions.


Control missions are about controlling minions, mooks, acquiring more troops or generally obtaining something 'more'. It also concerns kidnappings and generally is for the more 'subtles' approaches.


Mixed Missions concern things that are both Destruction and Control. Like attacking a prison to free prisoners, or barging in a hospital to take a patient. It's also were only a moderate amount of force is used, rather than all of it.

Mission Successful or FailedEdit

Failure generally happens when the entire team is killed or if the team is killed and the Dark Advisor is taken prisoner. (If the Overlord is taken prisoner, Special Things happen.)

If the Mission is successful, then depending on its type there are things earned/acquired.

Mission Reaction RollsEdit

The Dark Advisor makes a roll with its entire 'complement' the first time. If he wins by a large margin, the 'forces' present -Security, Heroes, so on- are caught unprepared. Some times however it's the opposite. The attacker ends up attacked because the enemy forces reacted far faster than him and Counter-Attacked.

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