Lord Gamington is the Destruction-Only Dark Advisor.

Past History[edit | edit source]

He was a police officer, his name was John. Now he is Lord Gamington having merged with the Cog-Minion Lord Gamington. His passion is dancing. His future is dancing. Dance-Dance-Evil Record Holder in the Incognito [Ink] lair.

"I AM LORD GAMINGTON! And your pain shall be legendary!"

Lord Gamington is a principled villain. He is proud to work for Evil, but is against meaningless killing and has an habit of sparing opponents.

"We shall fight in the shadows. FOR THE OVERLORD!"

Do not dismiss him as a dance obsessed maniac, for his lance is swift and deadly. He also gets fired up easily, and tends to boast often. 

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Pure Destruction Advisor: +2 on Destruction Success missions.

The Lance of Cain is the Cane of Doom: +6 on first attack.

Dance the Damage away: nullify up to -6 on an attack roll only once.

For Destruction Missions, he rolls: 1d12+2+(Troops)

For Control Missions, he rolls: 1d12+0+(Troops)

For Mixed Missions, average of above.

Dancing Partner(With Coghuahua): +2 Damage absorbed with the Dance the pain away, +4 to the Dance of the Swan Ability

Coghuahua[edit | edit source]


+1 on Destruction Missions.

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