Chemista is an Ex-Overlordess Goo-Girl, your first Dark Advisor and currently the adoptive mother of Cerulean.  

Past HistoryEdit

From what has been discerned, she is an Ex-Overlordess who despises humanity as a whole and finds them distrustful. She has no qualms in killing as long as it advances her agenda, and in the end, her philosophy could be concisely stated in the following words.

"Morality doesn't matter as long as the job is done."


Chemista is an ex Overlordess, a Chemist, and now an Habitué of mutagenic processes. She is a Goo-Girl, who apparently can only truly die if burned. 

For Mutagen Process, she rolls: 1d12+ 1 (Chemist) + 1 (Habit) + 2 (Better Lab Equipment)+ 1 (German-Assisting)

For Control Success Mission, she rolls: 1d12+ 1 (Ex Overlordess) + 2 (Chemista Control) + 1 (Side-Kick Bonus) + "Insert Dark Minions and Mooks Bonuses here"

For Destruction Success Mission, she rolls: 1d12+ 2

For Mixed Missions, she rolls: 1d12+4 and 1d12+2 and take the average between the two. 

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