Cerulean is a twelve year old Goo-Girl. Like her name implies, she's a Cerulean Goo-Girl.

Past LifeEdit

Cerulean was a member of the Magical Girl Team 'The Five Stars' charged with the protection of the 'Five Stars' hotel. She was captured by the Succubus Isabella, after her breaking at the sight of her entire team 'apparently' dead. 

She was transformed into a Goo-Girl through the use of Goo-Girl mutagen coming from Chemista, and in the end she became an affectionate sidekick of hers.

She considers the Overlord as her father and Chemista as her mother. 

"I have a family now...and I will slaughter, butcher and burn to the ground whoever tries to take it away from me!"


She is viable to become a Dark Advisor -Requires Magical Staff

She has broken off all contacts with her past, and seems to employ an extremely loose sense of morality.

Sacrficing the stuff she cherishes is a requirement for a SilGoo.


Side-Kick: +1 to rolls done by whoever she's assigned to. 

She does not have other abilities for as long as she's assigned.

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